Siemens DECT base station BS3/3

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Order-No.: 1009
Manufacturer: Siemens
Condition: Rebuilt
Part number: S30807-H5485-X
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The BS3/3 - DECT base station is used for the HiPath telephone system and allows the connection of up to 16  DECT cordless telephones on one UP0/E port or is to connect to a  SLC16 / 24 board including a clock module. It allows 12 cordless phones to communicate simultaniously meaning 4 per channel. S30807-H5482-X-8

Product condition "Rebuilt"

This article is used and has been technically examined. It has, in its entirety, undergone extensive quality controls. We offer a one year warranty on this article. You can find more information on our restoration process here.


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