Siemens S30810-Q2233-X SIUX

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Order-No.: 582
Manufacturer: Siemens
Condition: Rebuilt
Part number: S30810-Q2233-X SIUX
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The SIUX (Signaling Unit) board for Hicom 300/300E, replaces the SIU board in the central and peripheral system shelves.

The signaling unit SIUX is used to supply the system with audible tones, announcements and music on hold.

In addition, it contains dial tone receivers, DTMF receivers, a test generator and a test receiver. The parameters for the different generator and receivers can be loaded during operation.

The announcements can be stored directly on the SIUX.

As part of the service unit (SU), the SIUX is installed in the CCS common control shelf.

As a DTMF/MFC receiver, the board can be installed in any desired peripheral board slot of the SWU.

In the service unit, the SIUX has the following functions:

  • Tone generation
  • Audible tone receiver
  • DTMF receiver
  • Voice announcements
  • Music on hold
  • Test generator/test receiver

In the SWU, the SIUX has the functions:

  • 8 DTMF tone receivers/generators or 8 MFC tone receivers/generators

Country-specific adaptions are implemented by means of different loadsware variants, which are loaded when the board is put into service.

The new loadware solution means that only one SIUX hardware variant is necessary.

Product condition "Rebuilt"

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